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In much of Vermont driving an hour just to pick up fish oil or get a massage is what people have to do.  There is not a local place to get their vitamins, care for themselves and connect with community. People in rural Vermont want the chance to find wellness and have access to the same high quality of care as the cities offer.


Wells River Wellness Hall is a space where a collective of healers have come together to offer a variety of healing to Vermonters. Located in the historic Wells River Village Hall, this building was meant to serve its community.  At the Wellness Hall we believe that wellness starts at home, that as a community we can bring wellness not only ourselves but our community. We are committed to helping our community. 


Located in the heart of Wells River, this was built in 1908 at the village hall.  It was built to serve as a gathering place for local community events. We are returning this beautiful building back to it original purpose.  

In addition to wellness we are creating a community gathering space. 

A place for:

  • Movie nights

  • Dance classes

  • Martial arts

  • Children's Birthday parties

  • Meetings

  • and a place to gather together

We can not do this with out you.  Please donate if you can.

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